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Dr. Amy Lehman, DVMDr. Amy Lehman earned a Bachelor degree in Biology with a concentration in Conservation Biology from Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. She then lived in West Africa as the director of Arcadia’s study abroad program in Equatorial Guinea before matriculating to veterinary school at North Carolina State University.

After graduation, Dr. Lehman practiced veterinary medicine in Alaska, where she particularly enjoyed working with Alaska’s canine athletes and even saved the life of a small town’s elected feline mayor. She decided to abandon the exciting Alaskan frontier to rejoin the Armadale team as a veterinarian.

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We have been informed that the FDA is investigating an ongoing contamination issue with jerky treats made in China. During the course of the investigation, the FDA has discovered that over 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have been reported ill from eating jerky pet treats. If your are giving your pets  jerky treats, please investigate where they came from. For more information, please click on the FDA's fact sheet on Jerky Pet Treats and the NBC news article below.

FDA Facts – Jerky Pet Treats

Jerky treat mystery: Nearly 600 pets dead; still no source, FDA says (NBC News)

Have you every wondered why your dog or cat may have bad breath or noticed their teeth aren’t the pearly white color they once were?

Just like how we worry about our oral health, it is also as important to worry about a pet's oral health. If you could imagine what would happen to a human's mouth after months or years with out brushing, it is similar to what is happening in your pet's mouth. A pet's tooth gets bathed with saliva and covered with plaque and bacteria. With no regular disinfection of the mouth and brushing away the plaque, the plague leads to tartar build up. Tartar build allows your pet teeth to be a great place for particular bacteria to live that are harmful to the bone and gum tissues. This process leads to periodontal disease.

Have We Seen Your Cat Lately?

There are 82 million pet cats in the United States, compared with 72 million dogs, making cats the most popular pet. Yet studies show the number of feline veterinary visits is declining steadily each year. Armadale Animal Hospital wants to see your cat more often!

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify when your cat’s not feeling well. Cats are often “silent sufferers” who don’t show signs of illness until the disease is quite advanced. Yearly examinations for adult cats and twice yearly examinations for senior cats are important for early diagnosis of health problems. Remember, one year in the life of a human approximates 7 years in the life of a cat. Your cat is aging more rapidly than you think.Have We Seen Your Cat Lately?

Here are some signs of illness in cats which can often be subtle but significant:

  • Inappropriate urination or defecation
  • Changes in social interaction
  • Changes in activity
  • Changes in sleeping habits
  • Changes in food and water consumption
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Changes in grooming
  • Bad breath

Armadale Animal Hospital encourages all cat owners to schedule a wellness examination so that we can address your cat’s disease risk and prevention.

Cat Wellness Special Offer

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Additional Information for Cat Owners

Lisa Milano, Head Receptionist

Lisa Milano, Armadale Animal Hospital  

Spouse: Keith Webber

Furry Family: Three dogs (Pogo Quatro, Shea, and Cecil), three cats (Finley, Bam-Bam and Pebbles, Tabbies), and two birds

Interests: Spending time with family and friends, going to movies and concerts

Hometown: Queens, New York

Trivia: I love 80's music!


Anne Jones, Receptionist

Anne Jones  

Family: Husband, Craig, along with son, Sean and daughter, Katelyn. Two Weddings in 2017 officially adding Carol and Chris  to the crew!

Furry Family: Two cats, Rooney (gray Tabby) & Meg (calico); dog, Ember (mixed breed)… and grand puppy, Huckleberry (Dachshund)

Interests: Family, traveling, hiking, reading, photography, crafts/DIY, baking, and obviously animals!

Hometown: Valley Village, CA (Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley)

Trivia: Writing backwards (mirror writing) is something that comes naturally to Anne.


Joseph Kinnarney, Veterinary Care Technician

Joseph Kinnarney, Veterinary Care Technician  

Family: Wife, Sarah Kinnarney, and sons, Joseph Leander Kinnarney (Leo) and Julius Raphael Kinnarney

Furry Family: One cat Gideon, but I love giant dogs!

Interests: Ultimate frisbee, video and board games, running, swimming

Hometown: Reidsville, NC

Trivia: Ranked as high as 18th in the world in Warcraft 2 in middle school. In other news also a giant nerd.


Rachel Nie, Veterinary Care Technician

Rachel, Veterinary Care Technician  

Furry Family: Rosco and Dani (Pitt Bulls), Boomer (Chihuahua), Panda (mixed dog), Mikey Jordan and Wilbur (cats)

Interests: Spending time with friends and family, relaxing, and going out to eat

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Trivia: I'm a huge NC State fan! Go Wolfpack!


Jonathan Pearce, Veterinary Care Technician

Jonathan, Head Veterinary Care Technician  

Family: Wife Crystal, Son Brayden

Furry Family: Gage (Rottweiler), and three cats, Oscar, Allie, and Stanley Alberto

Interests: Photography, cars, soccer, basketball, movies, music, and anything active

Hometown: Wake Forest, NC

Trivia: Can play a mean kazoo!


Katie Bradley, Veterinary Care Technician

Katie, Vet Tech   

Family: Husband, Billy J. and sons Billy F., 8-year-old son and Benjamin, 2-year-old son

Furry Family: Ozzie, Boston Terrier 10-years old; Louis, Boxer 10-years old; Joey 15-year old Off the Track Thoroughbred

Interests: Horseback riding, eventing and hunter/jumpers. She enjoys cooking and baking as well.

Hometown: Katie was born in St Louis, MO but moved to Raleigh as a small child.

Trivia: Cervical cancer survivor


Dana Jo Outlaw, Veterinary Care Technician

Veterinary Technician Dana Jo  

Furry Family: Vega (male tuxedo cat)

Interests: Writing, reading, video games, various artistic pursuits, spending time with friends and family.

Hometown: Ahoskie, NC

Trivia: Adores coffee. Loves thrift shopping.


Courtney Mathena, Veterinary Care Technician

Veterinary Technician Courtney  

Furry Family: Sandy (chihuahua/poodle/dachshund mix)

Interests: Traveling; singing (all music), gardening; anywhere there’s water — pool, beach, lake; kayaking; fishing; cooking, including grilling outside; family time; movies; biking; running; board games; Call of Duty

Hometown: Centralia, Illinios

Trivia: I love to write! Especially poetry. Oh and my dog normally goes everywhere with me, few exceptions.


Ashleigh Maxey, Veterinary Care Technician

Veterinary Technician Ashleigh  

Furry Family: Soon to come. Will most likely consist of at least one cat named Xenon

Interests: Spending time with friends and family, outdoor activities, movies, crafts

Hometown: Waxhaw, NC

Trivia: In college, I worked extensively with waterfowl at a rescue facility.


Lacey Overbaugh, Veterinary Care Technician

Veterinary Technician Lacey  

Family: Lacey and her son, Emery

Furry Family: Shyla (shar-pei mix), Talim (Grey Domestic Longhair), and Crookshanks (Orange Tabby)

Interests: Dogs and cats (of course), hiking, cooking, history (the older the better usually), and many more

Trivia: She won a vacation trip to Disney World when she was 10 years old. It was her first time going!