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Why Armadale Animal Hospital is the best choice for your pet’s surgical needs

Many pet owners are curious about what is involved when their pet is placed under anesthesia. At Armadale Animal Hospital your pet’s safety and comfort are our top priority so you can be sure that your pet will receive only the best and safest anesthetic and surgical care.

Because we take your pet's health very seriously, at Armadale we take our surgical procedures very seriously. All of our surgical candidates must have a presurgical blood panel run before being placed under anesthesia as well as being placed on IV fluids while they under anesthesia. Depending on the age and health of your pet, other precautions might be needed as well because all no two cases are identical. All surgical patients are carefully monitored via an electrocardiogram machine as well as a pulseoxometer. We have had extreme success with these protocols and feel very confident saying that your pets are in great hands with our Armadale surgeons.

Veterinary Surgical Services

Armadale Animal Hospital provides surgical services for dogs and cats. We offer a clean and well-equipped facility and experienced team to provide your pet with high quality surgical care in a stress-free and relaxing environment.

We do typical surgeries such as spay, neuter, mass removals, and dental cleanings, but we are also experienced and equipped do more in-depth surgical procedures such as splenectomies, orthopedic surgeries, and exploratory surgeries. Our doctors are highly experienced in these procedures, but in the case of more complicated orthopedic surgeries or more uncommon procedures we also have a surgical specialist with whom we can make an appointment if necessary. In some extreme cases we can an also refer to the NCSU veterinary school or the Veterinary Specialty Hospital