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At Armadale Animal Hospital, we use both our in house and outside diagnostic laboratories to provide us with the tools to keep your pet healthy and discern the cause for disease and illness.
Our state of the art in house blood machines gives us the ability to check body chemistry, electrolytes, and a complete blood count in a matter of minutes for emergency situations and pre-surgical testing. We complement this with service from an outside laboratory for more in depth panels looking for less common medical conditions such as thyroid disease, Cushing's disease, and tick born diseases.
We complement our blood panels with our in house radiology, allowing us to thoroughly inspect every inch of your pet when we need to. We have an advanced x-ray machine and film processor to get results immediately whether we are looking for a fractured bone or a swallowed foreign body. To complement our radiology service we are also able to call in a board certified radiologist to review our radiographs and possibly provide an ultrasound of your pet if there is need of further diagnostics.
As a regular veterinary hospital, there are very extreme cases where we feel your pet might need more specialized care or diagnostic equipment that is impossible for us to provide. In those cases, we are very lucky to have the NC State University veterinary school and the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in fairly close proximity for referrals. Both hospitals offer top of the line doctors and equipment to suit your pet's needs